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9 Suðurgata
Hafnarfjörður, Capital Region

+354 777.8384

Small batch handcrafted goods from Iceland with California influence.




R.T.Co. Workshop: 

Suðurgata 9

220 Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

+354 777.8384



Reykjavík Trading Co. is dedicated to producing goods that are original & of the highest quality. By handcrafting each piece or project, R.T.Co. focuses on working with local craftsmen in Iceland or in the USA to create goods that are lasting & sustainable. Their line of homeware ranges from materials crafted from Icelandic wool & leather to Kentucky-grown oak.

R.T.Co. believes in creating goods that are simple by nature, yet evoke happiness in the home & lifestyle of the owner. In some goods, the decision was made to repurpose materials & focus on creating something new from pieces that have possibly been forgotten over the years.


All photos by Anthony Bacigalupo